Those we have lost
Originally published in The Times Herald-Record on Sunday, November 11, 2001

The Times Herald-Record has compiled a list of people from the area, or whose families are from the mid-Hudson, who are missing or dead in the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. The list is drawn from information supplied by official sources and family members. If you know of any names that should be added to the list, please call 845.346.3206. A complete list of those who died can be found at, a companion site to 62 Days.

Click on the name for a short bio.

 David Alger
 Richard Allen Jr.
 Calixto "Charlie" Anaya Jr.
 Carl Asaro
 Michael Asher
 Lt. Gregg Atlas
 Matthew Barnes
 Alan Beaven
 Darren Bohan
 Richard E. Bosco
 Allen Boyle
 Michelle Renee Bratton
 Joseph Calandrillo
 Capt. Frank Callahan
 Michael Cammarata
 Peter J. Carroll Jr.
 Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen
 Daniel M. Coffey
 Jason Coffey
 Carlos Cortes
 Kenneth J. Cubas
 Patrick William Danahy
 Scott Davidson
 Francis X. Deming
 Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin
 Thomas Dowd
 Bernard Favuzza
 Francis Feely
 Michael Finnegan
 Lt. Michael N. Fodor
 Thomas J. Foley
 Lt. Peter Freund
 Gary Geidel
 Steven Genovese
 Denis Germain
 Lt. John Ginley
 John Giordano
 Linda Gronlund
 Peter Gyulavary
 Robert Hamilton
 Lt. Stephen G. Harrell
 Ronnie L. Henderson
 Thomas P. Holohan Jr.
 Virginia M. Jablonski
 Chris Kirby
 Kenneth Kumpel
 Juan Lafuente
 Laura M. Longing (nee Pettus)
 Michael Lynch
 Myrna Maldonado
 Kenneth J. Marino
 Edward Mazzella Jr.
 Robert McPadden
 Douglas C. Miller
 Michael G. Montesi
 Lynne I. Morris
 Dennis Mulligan
 Gerard T. Nevins
 Curtis T. Noel
 Richard J. O'Connor
 Lt. Glenn C. Perry
 Robert D. Pugliese
 Donald J. Regan
 Carmen Rivera
 James Romito
 Paul G. Ruback
 Gregory R. Sikorsky
 Jane Simpkin
 Cathy T. Smith
 Paul A. Tegtmeier
 Michael Trinidad
 Donald Tuzlo
 Bruce van Hine
 Michael Warchola
 David Weiss
 Mark Whitford
 Chief John P. Williamson
 Michael Wittenstein
 Jupiter Yambem

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