Those we have lost
Originally published in The Times Herald-Record on Sunday, November 11, 2001

Daniel M. Coffey
Marsh & McLennan

Daniel M. Coffey bought a gas mask in 1993 after the bombing at the World Trade Center. He made sure to stock his office at Marsh & McLennan with plenty of flashlights so if the unbelievable happened again, he and his staff could get out of the building without feeling blind. He didn't make it Sept. 11. He was the kind of guy who could never leave any friends or family stranded. His devotion to family and to career often led him into the city on Saturdays to make sure he finished a job. And he often checked in on his son Jason, 25, who also worked for Marsh & McLennan – just four floors above his office. He is survived by his wife, Francis, and two sons. He was 54.


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